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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simplified Grocery Planning and Shopping

Executive Summary

The business that I did my project for is homemaking. While this may seem like a joke to some, homemaking is an intense, very involved job that is stressful, exhausting, and often frustrating. Anything that helps simplify or consolidate some of the many responsibilities of a stay-at-home parent can make a huge difference to that parent. In this case, the specific process that I wanted to expedite is that of grocery shopping and creating a grocery list. It is easy to become overwhelmed when there is a list scribbled quickly onto a post-it note and you can’t remember where everything is in the store or whether you’ve already gotten that item.

This problem is the basis for my project. My project is based heavily on the use of userforms. Clicking a button opens a form that allows the user to select a grocery store item, enter the quantity desired, and then the background programming sorts the item by its department in the store. The departments shown on the spreadsheet are also sorted by location in the store (the specific store is Walmart, since that is the store we commonly shop at, and it is the most uniform grocery store across the country). Another button creates a web query that pulls data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The website includes a list of over 60 grocery items, as well as the national average price for each item, including historical data. Though this will not give the exact amount relative to our local Walmart grocery store, it provides an approximation that can be added to a total. Thus, my wife can have a general idea for how much she can expect to spend on groceries in that trip.

60 is a big number, but it is definitely not an exhaustive list of all grocery items. So, I created a feature (using more userforms) that allows the user to add items and determine where they are in the store. It also allows the user to select and change the department in the store, in which that item is located.

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