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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Channel Flow Calculator

Executive Summary

Business Description

After receiving her bachelors in Civil Engineering, my wife now works for HDR, which is a worldwide architecture and engineering firm with 9,200 employees, working in more than 225 locations around the world. She currently works at the HDR Salt Lake Office in the Water business group as a Water Resources EIT. As a team, they analyze and design projects in the water field ranging from dams and watersheds to roadway drainage and stream restoration. Recently, they have acquired a number of river, stream, and canal projects requiring them to analyze and size new and existing channels. These channels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and require them to design for different aspects of each individual process is tedious and monotonous if done by hand. Several spreadsheets have been created to solve any one set of conditions but ideally, a universal spreadsheet that covers all conditions would reduce time and effort in the initial design phases.


I created a user form in Excel that solves for flow velocity and flow discharge, channel slope from flow velocity, channel slope from flow discharge, manning coefficient from flow velocity, manning coefficient from flow discharge, depth from flow discharge, and bottom width from flow discharge for channel types that are trapezoids, triangles, rectangles, or circles. After making calculations, the user form allows the user to export the results to a spreadsheet.


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