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Monday, April 13, 2015

VBA Project - Dinnertime!

            The user of this project is not a business, but anyone who has ever asked the question, “What’s for dinner?” Whether the user is single or married, after a long day, it’s the last question we want to make a decision about. And so, I created Dinnertime to enable users to either select an existing recipe through the Dine In functionality or query or for restaurant deals in the area through the Dine Out interface.
To dine in, users must first enter their favorite recipes into the program on a designated sheet in the workbook. The user can either enter ingredients and ethnic category they are in the mood for or they can leave the selection process up to the user. Three random options can be generated in the event that no categories are chosen. Once a recipe is selected, additional details (instructions, ingredients, and other information from the list of recipes) will be shown in a new userform.

To dine out, a userform appears that enables searching of by location, then by genre (or ethnicity) according to what is available in that area. This functionality is accomplished through a web query, followed by a subprocedure that opens the appropriate link in an IE browser. Alternatively, if the user lives in Utah, they can enter their zip code to find local restaurant deals through KSL in an IE browser.
*Note: If Groupon becomes obsolete, this code won't work unless tweaked to new website.

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