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Monday, April 13, 2015

VBA Scripts to Solve Fantasy League Needs

To maximize on the growing reliance on predictive analytics and sports data manipulation, RotoRithms has developed a business model to offer the raw data and dynamic predictive analytic models that forecast individual player value based on current player performance. This report will prove just how that data was made possible post web scraping processing, but pre-analysis to be delivered globally on the website through VBA scripts.


To get reliable data up on the new website available for purchase by February 25, 2015 for historical data of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAAB, College Football, and NHL. Then devise the automated system to upload new and current data for sports during their seasons to the website by 8 AM Eastern Time for on-site purchases.


·         Data was sorted by sport into appropriate folders prior to SAS processing
·         Cleaned data with missing data values
·         User forms to call specific Mozenda API’s run web scraping scripts

Keys to Success

·         VBA Instruction from BYU’s Dr. Allen
·         Mozenda Data Scraping Software
·         EmailItIn FTP Server
·         WordPress

Summary of Benefits

·         VBA scripts will save numerous hours for RotoRithms of having to pull up the google drive folder and finding the files and then placing those files into the appropriate folders to be able to start analyzing. This automated macro is saved to the ribbon and can be easily accessed from any open Word document as requested by RotoRithm.
·         All data documents are properly cleaned to now include key date fields to run predictive analytics on
·         On a semi-regular basis, a macro I wrote will reverse compile a pdf document that tried to compile into a Word document but the formatting is off, and then macro will save over 2 hours each time the Word document needs to be reformatted correctly in a Word environment.
·         To minimize number of times to run the algorithms to determine most profitable players to pick up for fantasy leagues, my Macro will be able to compile all the disparate documents into a single file.

·         For any rescrapes of particular days for a particular sport, I created a customizable user form that enables the user to dynamically call Mozenda APIs to run the Mozenda Script that will pull in the information directly to the Google Drive folder.

Full Report:

User Form for Rescrapes:


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