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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Database Consolidation Report Generator

American Greetings Corporation, LLC is the world’s largest greeting card company. Based in Brooklyn, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, the company sells paper greeting cards, electronic greeting cards, party products, and electronic expressive content. (Wiki) I will be interning with American Greetings (AG) this summer and got a jump start on some potential projects for this summer.
When there is an issue at one of 90,000 locations that carry AG’s products, management has to manually pull data from multiple databases to compile a snapshot of that stores current situation. My project automates the process of gathering all necessary information into an easy to understand dashboard. The data in this project has been falsified for the protection of AG. The user simply enters the chain number and store number for the store of interest then at the click of a button, my macro reaches out to the necessary databases (dummy databases on were used in place of AG’s actual data), establishes a connection, then gives the user options for which data to include in the dashboard. The user can choose to get a store summary, order tables, recent shipping info, whether or not to generate a PDF report, and to send an email with the report. Following the users selection, the macro takes over to generate the dashboard and report if chosen. The user will input a name for the report as well as email credentials and info.

This project automates the lengthy data gathering process freeing up managements time to look over the data and make meaningful decisions to correct issues faster. The simplicity of the macro enables lower level employees to easily generate a report and automatically send to their superior for valuable analysis. 


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