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Thursday, April 16, 2015

What am I Eating?

Eating healthy has been a struggle for many people nationwide. We always think we should be eating healthier, and we make New Year’s resolutions to do so, but usually no changes are actually made to our diets. We at Health-Tracker are committed to helping America improve their diet through our eating programs.

Health-Tracker is a non-profit organization that offers programs including meal plans, health evaluation, personal trainers, and much more in order to help people improve their health. In our work to help people improve their health we have found that the most important step to any successful diet is to track the foods you eat. The tracking process helps us see clearly what we eat, how much we eat, trends in diets, and the nutritional value of what we eat. This is essential to identify how your diet is lacking, and to keep you accountable to the goals you have set. With a clear record of what you eat, you can’t “forget” about the cake you ate, and you can clearly see just how few vegetables you are probably eating.

The Health-Tracker food tracking program will help you to quickly and easily create a log of the foods you eat and their nutritional value. To begin using our program you input your profile including your height, weight, age, and gender. The system will then pull your nutritional needs from the internet to give you an estimate of what you need in your diet including calories, amount of fat, amount of carbs, amount of protein, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, calcium, iron, and fiber. Next, foods are entered to the Food Log sheet of the program. On the food log you open an internet browser to get URLs for the foods you ate so the program can get the nutritional information from the internet and input it to the log. As you enter the foods you eat into the food log our program will track this nutrition info to give you continuous updates on how you are doing to meet your nutrition goals. You can see all-time, weekly, and monthly reports to show your results over time and to help identify trends.

By tracking the foods you eat, you will be able to get a clear picture of your current nutrition needs. By taking a little time to input the foods you eat you will get a useful report to show which nutrients you are lacking, how many calories you are eating in a day, and how you can improve. We at Health-Tracker hope this information will be useful to help bring in a healthier, happier America.

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