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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Executive Summary

Brio Home Health & Hospice is a company that connects clinicians with patients who want to receive care from the comfort of their own home. They are located in Draper, Utah and have been growing for several years. It uses a system called Kinnser to manage and schedule its clinicians. Kinnser has a payroll system but it is not very robust and requires a lot of man hours to come up with a useable payroll. I have created a macro that will automate the process of creating the payroll and formatting it for company use. The manual payroll process can take up to three days and they hired someone to specifically help out with that process. This program will help lower costs and free up time for employees to do other work.

                The program will scrape data from the Kinnser website and format it to be usable. This will be done daily to keep a log of all clinician activities. Every two weeks, a payroll will be created from this data accounting for any penalties clinicians incurred by late paperwork. The payroll will be formatted and printed out to be sent to each clinician.

Final Report
Excel Workbook

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