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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SLT Automation for Verio

Executive Summary

Description of Business:

Verio is Web hosting company located in Orem Utah. I currently work as a Business intelligence intern at this office. One of my job responsibilities deals with compiling data from various excel spreadsheets and PowerPoints and then uploading this data to several Microsoft SharePoint lists. The information includes SPI and KPI information on customer service calls. This data is recorded on a daily basis and then sent to my email. The data needs to be updated to SharePoint on a bi-monthly basis because they are used to generate graphs which are used by another group of people who have a meeting on a bi-monthly basis.

Overview of System Built:

The process of copying and pasting all the various data values over a certain date range is quite tedious. It usually take about an hour to put together the excel files I need and then paste them to the appropriate SharePoint lists. My final project consists of a Marco enabled workbook that compiles all this information together on a single worksheet and formats the data based on a specified date range inputted by the user. The second functionality of the Macro is uploading to SharePoint.  From the click of a button, all this information is pushed up to the appropriate SharePoint lists. This whole process takes under 2 minutes to perform and saves tremendous time.

Note: due to the confidentiality of the data that I worked with and the possibility of causing havoc on the company's SharePoint lists, I did not post that information.


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