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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Richins Insurance

Executive Summary:

My Dad is a life insurance agent. He sells to an Indian tribe in Roosevelt, Utah. Since most of the work he does is through pen and paper, I have decided to write an excel program that helps him in his process.
            The process he goes through is as follows: My dad receives a list of clients from the Indian tribe, describing every customer, their policy type, as well as any outstanding loans they have with my dad’s loan agency (these come in PDF format). He then has to go, by hand, and manually ‘balance’ the statement from the tribes with the statements he receives from the companies for which he sells (these come in different formats, some in PDF, some excel, others word docs). This is time-consuming in and of itself, but since there are many children who have parents who are paying for their policy this gets confusing, considering the insurance companies send a list of individuals, while the tribe sends the total for each family.

            I wrote a program that pulls all the information received from the tribe and the insurance companies and automates the balancing process.

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