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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

University Writing Email Generator

Executive Summary
I currently work on campus as a research assistant for the BYU Writing Department. As an extension of the English department, our focus is to help teachers across all curriculums learn how to improve their students’ writing, and how to be a better writing teacher. Our department hosts several luncheons and clinics that various professors across campus choose to participate in. Over the years, University Writing has composed a matrix of teacher names, department information, and email addresses of those teachers who have previously expressed interested in being a part of the University Writing curriculum. As a department, we send out multiple emails every week to different departments about different events that we are hosting. There are often errors produced in these emails with incorrect dates and times of events, or they are sent to the wrong people. I created a system that takes the list and cleans up the data, and then I also created a form that the department can use to send mass emails to people in different departments to ensure that all of the event information is entered correctly.  
*Note: The code only works for Outlook, and all email address have been changed for confidentiality. 

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