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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Create a fast, dynamic, and user-friendly daily sales report, without the use of a template.

FiveStar North America is a Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchisee. They own and operate all stores in Canada. Recently, they have grown from a couple stores to almost 70. This rapid growth has seen many changes to procedures within the company as well as opportunities for automation.

FiveStar North America wants a Macro that can generate a Daily Sales Report for each of their franchise stores. Currently, the time it takes to create this report is ~2 hours per week, or, ~8 hours a month, per store. They need to create this report much faster and at a fraction of the proposed cost given by MICROS systems. This report should include the following:
     (1) Daily transaction totals for cash, Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX transactions. 
     (2) Daily RBC account deposits for each transaction type (i.e. Cash, AMEX, etc.) 
     (3) Calculated tax liabilities and total over/under cash amounts.

The report also needs to be very dynamic. A report should be made available by store location and any month/ year specified by the user.

Create a simple, user-friendly form in VBA that will create a excel report, format that report, and then fill the same with relevant info form both Micros and RBC entities. The project will be created in these four steps:
     (1) Create a form that is easy to use and will accept login, date, and location information from the user.
     (2) Write code to label the new report and create a basic outline.
     (3) Write code to format the new report including colors, row and column size, fonts, and number formats. 

     (4) Write code to fill the newly created report with relevant information from Micros and RBC.

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