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Monday, April 13, 2015

Sales Data Analysis for Shopify cvs downloads

Executive Summary

Description of Business

SnapPower is a local-startup company that sells built-in-LED-Guidelights as electrical outlets on walls. It has been about a year and a half since the company went live. It has been about a year since they have started to sell online using Shopify as their E-commerce platform.

The company sells 6 different types of Guidelights, with 6 different packaging types. This equals to 36 possible ‘product types’ that the customer can place.

Currently, the company is not doing any analysis on the products that have been sold. For the last twelve months, the company has been tracking the number of orders per week and the corresponding revenue for them, but there has not been a system put in place to track the orders by type, packaging, or days. 

The General overview of the system

The System that I built provides the user with various statistics that were not kept track of previously. They include orders by type, packaging, days, weeks, and so forth. These additional statistics will help the company analyze trends to set marketing strategies in the future.

A user manually downloads a csv file from the Shopify website. After that, the macro starts off by prompting the user to select the downloaded file. The sheet in the raw data file is copied over to the project file and the days and weeks are filled in according to the dates that the raw data uses. It then goes through and organizes the data by the specified fields. 

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