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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seth Gremmert
April 14, 2015
Final Project Write up

Executive Summary

            The purpose of this project is to have a user friendly Library or Item Inventory system that can have stored Patron information, check in and check out items, and send reminders through text and/or email. This system has the potential for both personal and professional applications.

My Mother owns a small essential oil wholesale business and has a library of professional and personal development books that she regularly lends out to people on her teams.  This system can be used to track and manage this process. I also could use it to manage my own small, personal library to lend to friends and family.

System Summary

The Owner of the Library enters his/her own information in the block provided and sets the number of days late required for which items will be marked as “Lost?”. Patrons are added to the system using a user form to collect their contact information. Items are tracked on the main library page and checked out and in using 2 other user forms that validate the inputs and controls. Reminders can be sent out to the Patrons with items currently checked out using a form message to either text or email based on their previously entered “Preferred Method of Contact.” This messages will remind the Patrons of the item(s) they have currently checked out and the status of those item(s). Items being considered “Late” or “Lost?” is based on a date calculation using the preset number of days in the Library Owner block mentioned previously. The reminder system uses the default gateways for carriers listed in the carrier page and a valid gmail account for sending the reminders.

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