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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Daily Report Generator

Executive Summary
For the past three years I’ve been employed as a Driving Instructor with Revolution Driving Instruction, a driver training company with four offices in Utah.  Revolution requires each of its Instructors to send a Daily Report containing information about the hours worked each day and about the students who attended each class to the company’s Internal Auditor.  Based on these reports, the Auditor is tasked with compiling the payroll and with verifying that each class and each student’s attendance has been appropriately documented with the government.  The problem is that creating these reports on a daily basis is very tedious, especially since the majority of the information is already stored on company-shared Google Calendars and the task is therefore largely one of copying and pasting.

The system that I have built automates the creation of the Daily Reports and does it in a fraction of the time while requiring only a couple clicks and a few keystrokes from the user.  This system—the Daily Report Generator—will request some information from the Instructor, allow them to sign in to the appropriate Google Calendar, identify the calendar events that correspond to that Instructor, extract the necessary information, and compile the Daily Report.  The Generator will then present an editable draft of the report to the Instructor and provide options for immediately emailing the report to the auditor from within the program, copying the report to a Gmail draft for later attention, rerunning the report in case something was missed, or aborting and discarding the draft.  Thus the tedious task of creating a Daily Report, which I have probably performed at least 700 times over the last three years, has been reduced to a couple clicks and a few keystrokes.

Full Write-Up:

Daily Report Generator Workbook:

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