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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

STAC Class Roll Formatter

I am an instructor for a variety of STAC courses at BYU.  For each class I have to download a class roll from AIM.  This class roll is essentially a blank excel template void of dates, totals, or any other helpful information (see Appendix 1).

For each class I have to edit and adjust this template to track the data I use for the class and present it in a usable and readable way.  I add class dates, columns to track tardies and absences, formulas to evaluate attendance, conditional formatting for readability, and more.  After I am finished the result is extremely helpful (see Appendix 2).

I created a system that will automatically adjust any class roll and add most of the useful features that I normally add manually.  I also added additional features like factoring in make-up classes, adding an action button to remove students that withdrew from the class, and instructions that would allow any instructor to use this system.  Outside of the original project scope I also added a roll importing/exporting feature that makes the system easy for any instructor with a very basic knowledge of Excel to use.  


Names and emails included in this project are fictitious.  Some features of this project were disabled (Export and Auto Email) as they exceeded the scope of the project.  Additionally, an extra feature, also outside of the scope of the project (BYU Academic Calendar Reader and Writer) was incomplete but the code is still included in the Excel file.  A few more hours would be enough to complete it after the 10+ already spent on it. 

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