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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Home Teaching Automator

Executive Summary

Description of Business

Home Teaching is an assignment given to every male member of the church above the age of 14. Each member is teamed up with one other male member and are assigned one or more ward members to teach. At the end of each month, Home Teachers are to report to the Elder’s Quorum Presidency whether or not they home taught that month. Because there are so many companionships reporting it can be extremely time consuming to manually report this kind of data by calling or texting each companionship.  In addition, more mistakes can be made in manual processes. Once you have the reported data, it would also be time-consuming and monotonous to get reliable statistics from it. We found that each ward has their own process of how to assign and report home teaching. This can be a problem since Elders Quorum Presidencies change and ward members come and go. We have come up with a solution to automate the process of assigning and reporting home teaching based on the current ward list so each Elders Quorum can have reliable statistics to help them make the best decisions to help their ward.

Overview of System
The system is made up of 4 macros. Its starts with a ward list that can be downloaded from, and creates a list of the men and women in the ward. With that list, the second macro creates companionships and assigns members of the ward to home teach. At the end of each month, the district supervisors will turn in their reports of those who were home taught, those who were not, those who were contacted, and those who did not report. The third macro takes that information and compiles a report listing the names of everyone in the ward and their correct status for the month. It then creates month end statistics for each group. Those who wish to be notified of this information can be added to the list of leaders. The fourth macro sends an email with the statistics to each of the members on the leader list.

Travis Irwin, Scott Sefcik 

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