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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reteach and Enrich System for Midway Elementary School

Executive Summary

Business Description
This is how the current reteach and enrich system works:
1.       Students are tested in the following categories: Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Fluency, and Grammar
2.      Scores are generated from DIBLES software (where they take the tests) and teachers manually input students names and their test results into an Excel spreadsheet.
3.      Each tab in the Excel document is for a specific range of overall scores (i.e. levels 1-4 is the first tab, levels 5-8 are the second tab, etc.). Students who score in that range are listed in each tab (Teachers manually check to see what tab a student should go in).
4.      Scores are analyzed and students are moved into different groups, depending on their improvement. Teachers manually go over each line of data and if scores are high enough, students are manually moved to different tabs based on a specified score criteria (i.e. to move from group 2 to group 3 you need an overall score of 74). This score criteria changes over time and will need to be dynamic (the teachers decide each cycle which scores will be the entrance and exit criteria for each group (tab)).
5.      Teachers spend lots of time looking over scores to recognize the needs of their class and to see improvements of their students.

System Overview
My project automates steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 mentioned above, saving teachers hours and hours of time. More specifically my VBA program does the following:
1.       My VBA project imports scores directly from (DIBLES software) to the excel document. To protect the privacy of students’ data, I’ve created some dummy data to demonstrate how my project works.
2.      My project formats the data and allows for addition or removal of students, teachers, groups, and tests taken. A userform allows you to edit any student’s information.
3.      Groups and group leaders (teachers) are assigned for each student based on their categorical scores (Fluency, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary) and their overall score. It allows teachers to specify scoring criteria for groups and checks for students that meet that criteria. Students are sorted into their lowest scoring category by default. A student’s group and group leader can also be edited if a student has specific needs.
4.      New worksheets are created for each group and transfers all student data for that group to the respective tab. Groups can also be deleted and these worksheets will disappear.
5.      Teachers can also view class statistics by creating a graph that shows each of their student’s categorical scores.

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