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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 7-Step Book to Tax Adjustments Macro

Executive Summary

My current job (a local tax company), uses two main types of software to perform most of the work- Certiflex (Book accounting) and ProSystems (Tax accounting). Once information is inputted into the two accounting sources, employees then reconcile the differences between the two sets of books in an excel worksheet. Any differences between book and tax accounting need to be reconciled with journal entries. These reconciled journal entries will then be copied back into Certiflex. The problem with this method is that employees have to type in the information in Certiflex (the book accounting software), copy this information into Excel, manually enter this information into ProSystem (Tax accounting software), copy print-offs from ProSystem and Certiflex, and then try to reconcile this information. Various errors can occur due to the large amount of data entry and can be very time consuming.

The goal of the project is to automate this process as much as possible. The 7-Step Macro takes information from either Certiflex (the company’s book software) or Quickbooks. If we have received the information from the client from a QuickBooks print out or if we entered the information into our book software, different spreadsheets would be necessary. The macro imports information from these two different sources in different ways. From there, the macro fills in 3 different excel sheets (one sheet that reconciles book to tax, one that automatically prepares the adjusting entries the client will need to make (if we received client books) and a third page that prepares the adjusting entries that can be imported directly into Certiflex.

Note: The third link is for text files and .CSV files. When running the macro these files need to be in the same folder in order for it to run properly.

Here are the three links:

Project Write-Up

Project Macro

Project text and .CSV files

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