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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Products Input & Labeling Project

Executive Summary:

The present project has as an objective to build a database for a food company. Such database must contain details as type of product, where it is storage, quantity per unity of product, and generate a label that describes the localization of the product in the storage place.

The process consists in a input form that allows to choose the necessary elements that will fill a datasheet. Such datasheet will be base to create the labels and print them.

Implementation Documentation

The following steps were followed to develop the project:

  1. Identify the needs of the clients were followed to develop the project:
  2. To get a up to date list of products used for the client (Fig 1)
  3. Develop a system of labeling that allows product localization in it storage place
  4. Develop an input form
  5. Develop macros for labeling
  6. Develop label masks (Fig 2 & 3)

Products List Example


The process was developed using a series of concepts learned during this semester at VBA classes. An user will fill an input form created as a Userform object. All variables are linked to a spreadsheet in such way that, after clicking the OK button, all data will populate the spreadsheet. Before the data are inputted in the spreadsheet, a

check routine is performed to verify if any fields are left in blank. This routine is executed using successive IF commands to verify blank spaces in each field.

An code was created having as main tool a FOR EACH loop to allows the form initialization and keep it fresh for new inputs “in a row”.

Labels are built from the datasheet. Macros were created to compo

und arrays and allows that fields in the label Masks could be filled.

The printing process must be performed in an usual manner trough the Excel program.

Label mask Examples 2 & 3

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