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Friday, December 9, 2011

Automating a Floral Business

Description of Business

Sassy Stems is my sister’s floral business that she runs out of her house. Weddings are her sole business, and each one is time intensive. She loves the creative part of the business but hates the business side of it and has a hard time getting herself organized before each wedding. With each new client, she has to take notes from a consultation with a client, make a list of all the materials she will need to use and the flower arrangements she will need to do, and produce an invoice billing the client for the services she provided. She does each of these in a separate document and then has to copy everything from the consultation to the other two documents. It is ridiculously redundant.

My System

I took the three different documents that Sassy Stems was producing for each client and combined them into one easy Excel file that she can keep track of the wedding in. I have automated it by introducing a user form that she fills out during a consultation, highlighting the client’s preferences and the things that my sister needs to make for them. Once she fills out the consultation, all she has to do is push Submit and her invoice is made for her and her materials list is started for her. She can also email the client the invoice right from the Excel file.


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