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Friday, December 9, 2011

AMEX Credit Card Statement Eliminator

As an investment broker for three years, I had the opportunity to consult clients on a myriad of personal finance topics. Of the many personal finance principles I learned during that time, few are as fundamental and important as this: Spend less than you earn. A critical component of that is keeping track of your expenses on a regular basis, and ensuring that they are within budget. Furthermore, the ability to set an appropriate, and realistic budget is enhanced by a knowledge of your historical spending habits over different periods of time.

This tool seeks to facilitate the process of budgeting and tracking expenses by automating several steps of the budgeting process. Specifically, the tool has two features: FEATURE 1 allows the user to import immediate, current transaction history on his/her American Express (hereafter “Amex”) credit card from the Amex website directly into a tracking spreadsheet, thereby eliminating the need to receive paper (or even emailed) statements. FEATURE 2 allows the user to generate customized spending reports (including charts) – a critical component of the budgeting process.

Executive Summary:

Excel File:

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