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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wells Fargo Personal Finance Program

Based on personal experience, I have observed that many people will avoid doing even the most crucial tasks unless there is an extremely quick and easy way to accomplish it. This can even include going online to check bank account balances, see if the gas bill has been paid yet this month, or if we are behind on any loan payments. In order to consolidate these processes, I decided to create a program that would allow me to perform many of these same functions, all from within the same excel workbook.

The program allows a user to input his/her Wells Fargo account information, and the program will return the names and account balances of any accounts they have. If the user inputs a merchant's name into the program, it will also update and show the dates that transactions have been made with this merchant. This will let people see how often the go to certain vendors, or check to see if they remember to pay their gas bill yet this month.

The program also checks the balances and current payment information for student loans through UHEAA or FEDLOANS. It will tell you when you made your last payment and how much it was, as well as if you currently owe a payment. If you do, you will receive a reminder text message telling you to remember to pay before the due date.

- note: the actual program has been modified to remove any personal information.

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