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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Car Maintenance For Dummies: Version 1.0

Executive Summary

The Problem
For me, vehicular maintenance has never been my forte.  I never seem to take very good care of my cars.  I never get oil changes when I need them, my tires stay bald for months, and I never seem to do any other preventative maintenance on my cars.  Because I am far from being a car guy, it seems that car-care is always the last thing I ever think about (if at all).  There is simply too much to think about, and I never seem to remember to take care of my car unless I'm embarking on a lengthy road trip.  This needs to change.

Proposed Solution
Presenting VBA Vehicle Service, ver. 1.0.  I endeavored to overcome my weaknesses by creating a car maintenance solution for dummies.  This program provides a user-friendly reporting system that will help the average dummy track their gas mileage, oil changes, tires, tag renewal, and other routine maintenance items for all of their vehicles.  My wife and I recently made a decision to sell one of our previous cars and purchase a new one.  This was quite an experience for us.  One thing that I wish I would have had at the time was a simple tool that would help me analyze & compare different cars on the cost criteria while also factoring the value of a car we decided to trade-in. 

This program offers a simple solution for a user to easily keep track of their vehicular maintenance.  The successful implementation of this tool is dependent on the user’s ability to routinely make an entry whenever they fill up their tank.  As long as the user makes these simple entries, the program will do the rest.   The program offers a number of user forms, web queries, reminders, and even the ability to post results to a blog.  Below you’ll find a detailed description of the program's core functionality and features that will assist in the implementation of VBA Vehicle Service 1.0

Links to writeup and excel file:

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