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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Time Log

Executive Summary: Excel Time Logging Application

The company I did an internship with last summer rolled out a system for tracking employee time. This system was designed to track the amount of time employees spend on various projects and activities, allowing managers to better understand and manage limited resources. Time was to be entered into a website. Unfortunately, this website was slow and timed out user sessions quickly requiring users to log in again.

Most users decided that it was too much of a hassle to enter time directly into the website every day, so they used other systems to write down time and then entered it into the website once a week. My solution was to setup a basic excel worksheet to enter dates, project numbers and time. This process worked, but required a lot of manipulation of the exel worksheet and only provided limited functionality. Projects generally had an official number needed for the website, but they also had a general name that was used to refer to the project. Before entering time for a new week, I had to spend time setting up the various projects that I thought I would be logging time for that week.

The goal of this project was to create an easy to use spreadsheet for logging time for various projects. The project was designed to make it easy and fast to log daily time for each project during a specific week. Past weeks can be navigated to easily for reference. Projects are easy to name and define, and easy to assign to an individual week. New weeks can used past weeks as a template for the projects active in the week, making it fast and simple to start logging time for a new week.

This project was also designed to add some additional features that were not available in a simple excel spreadsheet for logging time. The reporting functionality makes it easy to track time for individual projects. The upload functionality provides an automated process for entering a week of time data into the time tracking website (for this project a Blog was created to simulate the time tracking website).

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