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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stock Comparison Analysis

The program I wrote is to help conduct stock comparison analysis. I personally like performing stock research and I am going to be a research analyst after graduation. Therefore, this is an area of high importance to me.

During my stock research process, I find out that peer comparison takes a considerable amount of time because I have to put a lot of ratios and numbers for each comparable company from different online data sources. A good peer analysis often requires as many comparable companies as possible. But the time it takes to get all that information seriously limits the number of companies I would like to pick.

Some sophisticated database like Bloomberg makes it easier. But I wish I can just use my own computer to do a fast analysis, instead of having to come to campus and use the Bloomberg terminal there. In addition, Bloomberg’s peer selection is somewhat lousy. I wish to be able to select my own peer tickers.

Therefore, this program is designed to automatically pull data I need for each company ticker inputted from different online sources and format the data in a user-friendly way for further analysis.

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