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Thursday, December 8, 2011

WorkJoy by Brad Moss

Executive Summary:
We all know that jobs can be boring.  When a job is boring, our motivation and attention to detail tend to start lacking.  Additionally, the job doesn’t fulfill out emotional needs and we look for other more fulfilling endeavors.  For many, the environment of a call center is that epitome of a ‘boring’ job. 
Because of the repetitive and laborious nature in call centers, more center managers face a significant business problem.  The attrition of the call center workers is extremely high, even 100% in some centers.  If people felt more ‘engaged’ or excited about the results of their work, then this high attrition would decrease and quality would improve greatly.  The WorkJoy Experiment is an application to test a “Gamification Theory”.  If I can give workers more to think about than the repetitive tasks they perform, then they will care more. 
WorkJoy is a “game”.  The key to this game however, is that players earn points and skills by performing real world tasks.  For the sake of this class, I have tied to functions that give real world feedback into the MBA Lounge Forums.  Each time people participate in the forums, their status in the game increases.  In theory, the result of people playing the game should drive higher activity in the MBA Lounge Website.

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