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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

QuickBooks Automation Tools / Real Estate Analysis Tool

As the CFO and controller of a local athletic apparel company, I am responsible for all accounting related tasks. Among these many responsibilities are a handful that are very repetitive and time consuming. For my final project, I created a suite of tools that automate each of these repetitive tasks. The most extensive tool I created prepares a professional and presentable Income Statement during month end procedures. Following the generation of the P&L, the user can use another tool to create and format a second tab in the workbook that is used for analysis of the previously created P&L.

In addition to month end procedures, there are weekly challenges that I addressed. Each week, the company receives a bill from our shipping company that details the different shipping charges in a CSV file. The tool that I created quickly dissects this bill, and generates the appropriate accounting entry to be entered into QuickBooks.

These tools save me considerable time, and will be very useful to whoever takes my position when I leave the company.

In addition to this suite of tools, I created another macro for Anthem Property Group, a Phoenix-based real estate company. Anthem receives daily reports of properties that will be sold at the local auction. I created a macro that refines this list based on their desired criteria, and accelerates the research process. Upon completion of the necessary research, the user can create a PDF report of potential investments that is branded with the company logo with the simple click of a button.

Here is the link to my write up:

Link to Anthem Property Group Tool:

Sample Data Set to use the Anthem Property Group Tool:

Link to QuickBooks Automation Suite:

Sample Data Set to use the QuickBooks Automation Suite:

P&L Data:

RIOT Data:

Link to England Logistics Processing Tool:

Sample Data Set to use the England Logistics Processing Tool On:

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