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Thursday, December 8, 2011

BAP Reporting Tool

Tanner Haney and Peter Mancuso are officers for the Brigham Young University chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting fraternity. The national organization requires that each member of the fraternity attend a certain number of the chapter meetings. At the end of the year the officers need to submit a report detailing attendance figures for these meetings. The Brigham Young University chapter is quite large, which makes it difficult to keep track of who is attending meetings and who is not. Traditionally creating the end of year report has been a complicated and time consuming process. Members have been asked to keep track of their attendance themselves, which has resulted in lower reported attendance figures than the actual amount. The failure of some members to report their minutes has made it difficult for the chapter to meet the minimum required attendance figures.

The chapter is also required to compile a report of the members who attend chapter-sponsored service projects. In the past, members have self-reported their attendance at these events as well. The result has been that the service projects have been well attended, but the attendance figures reported to the national organization have been poor.

In order to solve this problem, card scanners were purchased and ID cards are swiped when members arrive at each meeting and service project. This allows the chapter to compile a list of ID numbers in a spreadsheet, but now they need to convert this information into a meaningful report that can be used by the officers and that can be sent to each member to inform them whether they have attended the necessary number of meetings and service projects or not.

In order to address this need, we created a form that allows us to enter and edit the list of names, emails, and student IDs of all our members. Next, we created a form and corresponding procedure that automatically converts a card swipe, which records a student’s ID number in the midst of other characters, into the student’s name. Finally, we created procedures that enable us to generate an overall report for our use as well as a report that will be automatically emailed to each member containing their name, list of activities attended and number of both professional and service minutes earned. Emails can also be sent to those who attend our meetings but are not yet members in order to encourage them to join our organization.

Our project allows for easier collection of attendance information and report generation that will assist our club in reporting to the national organization. It will also allow us to better communicate with our members and those attending our meetings in order to further our mission of scholarship, service and integrity.


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