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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excess Inventory Tracking and Management

I work in Materials Management, a department in BYU’s Office of Information Technology. My department manages a stockroom for several other departments in the IT Building. We stock some frequently used materials for immediate use. In addition, we order and receive materials for various projects on campus. For example, when a new projector is going to be installed in a classroom, we order, receive, and store the projector in our room until the installation team takes it to install. The items we order for particular projects are called WIP.

Sometimes the people who request WIP items end up not needing the parts or just forget about them until the project is completed. We are left with parts that we normally do not carry in our regular inventory, and often the parts are rarely ordered for other projects. When this happens, we move the items out of our WIP area and into an area we call Excess. From Excess, we have two options: we can sell the parts in a Surplus sale (where we get much less money than we paid for the still-new part), or we can keep the part and hope someone else needs it in the near future.

My program keeps track of the items in our Excess area, which projects they came from, and which project they’re being moved to (if they do get reassigned). In addition, my program allows us to easily share a list of current Excess items with other departments, print labels with unique ID’s and descriptions of Excess parts, and customize a report to show how we are moving Excess inventory.


Excess Program:

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