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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mel’s Auto Referral Manager

Executive Summary

Mel’s Auto of Springville is a local auto mechanic shop. They opened their doors just over a year ago and they are hoping to increase their customer base. Thus, Mel’s wants to implement a customer referral rewards system to incentivize their customers to refer a friend to this auto mechanic business. Any individual who refers a friend will receive a credit toward their next purchase equal to 10% of the referral’s order. This credit can accumulate. The original idea was to track referrals and credits using a notepad next to the register. A notepad is very user-friendly, yet not so efficient. The most important objectives for this project include:

1. The system must be very user-friendly to allow staff mechanics to easily operate.

2. Accurately track referrals as well as the credits generated and used by the customers.

3. Facilitate the input of special offers.

4. Allow management to manipulate, modify, and fix customer information, credit amounts, referrals, and special offers.

5. Report data on number of referred customers, total credit outstanding, etc.

The program accomplishes these objectives through a simple database and multiple user forms, with extra care and focus on ease of use. The creation of combo boxes to allow the quick and easy selection of existing customers helps facilitate the user friendly nature of the forms. The many forms follow a step by step process of customer order input, referral claimed or unclaimed, and credit usage. Beside the input of new orders, another password protected user form allows the management to update the database and apply special offers to individual customers. All program interaction is done through forms to remove any accidental formula deletion or other errors.

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