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Thursday, December 8, 2011

VBA Project - Automated Lawncare Bills

Executive Summary

Lawn-O-Matic is a family owned and operated lawn care company that services the southern part of Utah County. Lawn-O-Matic has been operating for 10 years and has grown significantly in those 10 years. As one of the original founders of Lawn-O-Matic, I have been involved with every step of the process from bidding out the work to collection. Early on, we developed a spreadsheet to help us keep track of the work we do. However, this has always been a fairly manual process as we had to manually enter in every lawn we mow and record the details with that. To make things worse, we had no automated billing system so it was always very time consuming to produce bills on a monthly basis to our clients.

Two to three years ago, we began emailing our bills to our customers who provided their email address to us rather than mailing a physical copy of it. This decreased the cost of billing to us as we had to use fewer envelopes and stamps and it also made the process go faster since we could just email the bill rather than have to print it off and put it in the envelope. However, it was still labor intensive as we would manually create every bill for each customer.

In order to decrease the time needed to process billing, as well as to reduce the amount of errors in the bills, I have developed a spreadsheet that will automate a portion of the data entry process as well as automate the billing process and facilitate the movement of data between the different sheets on the spreadsheet.

Note: To help protect the identity of our customers, all names and contact information has been changed in the spreadsheet. This does not affect how the spreadsheet operates in any way.

Project Write-up:

Excel File:

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