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Thursday, December 8, 2011

MSM Advisement Center Automated Email Survey

Executive Summary

The business I did my project for is the Marriott School Advisement Center. In the advisement center we help students put together their graduation plans, get into the business school, and discuss career and major opportunities.

I am a student adviser there, and as an office we have recently started sending surveys to students to get their feedback regarding their experience with the Center. The current process for sending out these emails is to copy the student’s net ID’s from the Google document that we use to sign student in, and paste it into an excel sheet. Then, we have to individually look up each net ID and copy the student’s email into Outlook and send the email. We send anywhere from 20-40 emails each day.

My project is to automate that whole process so that the user can enter the date for which they want to send the emails, have the macro gather the data from Google doc, filter the data, pull the email addresses from the BYU website, and send the email.

Excel File:

Write Up:

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