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Monday, December 5, 2011

UVU Athletics: Compliance Spreadsheet

The Utah Valley University athletic department strives to remain in compliance with university and NCAA standards. This includes large amounts of academic information that must be carefully tracked and managed. The department has asked that I create a spreadsheet (available on the UVU athletics network) that will help to accomplish the following:
  • Reduce the amount of duplicated work by automatically pulling updated rosters from UVU’s database
  • Produce student-athlete/team summary reports that are simple to understand
  • Reduce the amount of information that must be entered by hand (to save time and reduce user error)
The above objectives are met by the Excel workbook that does the following:
  • Uses VBA to sort and display information by team
  • Uses VBA and user forms to run reports, create summary boxes, and easily edit information
  • Uses formulas and conditional formatting to give accurate information regarding eligibility
  • Pulls the roster data directly from the UVU athletics website ( onto the spreadsheet for the most up to date information

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