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Thursday, December 8, 2011

KB Data & Analytics Generator


The Knowledge Base Analytics Generator is a macro-enabled Microsoft Excel 2010 workbook produced by Bradford Melluish for Brigham Young University Office of Information Technology’s Knowledge Management Group under the direction of the Knowledge Manager, Kent Ockey.

The KB Analytics Generator utilizes the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language to retrieve data from the BYU Knowledge Base and BYU CAIMS (Change Management) to retrieve KB article and product data for use in data analysis. This data is then replicated by the Generator into several different formats specific to individual user needs, and then distributed to c-suite, department, and product level managers for use in cost reduction and product maintenance strategies. This data is also made available to managers of customer-facing organizations such as OIT Service Desk and Knowledge Management itself for use in gauging incident-KB association rates, gaps in documentation, and other potential areas of improvement.

Value Proposal:

While existing cost-management solutions provide by-service cost information, KB Analytics provide the context to make this information truly relevant to management. By identifying the number of times a given KB article was associated with an incident ticket, managers are able to see not only the cost of a given service, but also gain insights into the issues driving maintenance costs. This in turn allows management to prioritize development and documentation efforts to eliminate the most frequently occurring and/or expensive issues to drive down costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide greater value to the University. Also, the gathering of aggregate call data provides additional insights into ‘pain points’ for customers than cost data alone might not be able to portray.

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