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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Track Food Spreadsheet

Business Solution

I wanted to implement a spreadsheet through which someone could track their eating habits. Oftentimes I think that people start tracking their eating habits but it is cumbersome and they give up easily—at least that’s what I do. I wanted to create a system that allowed users to easily enter food into a database, track food for individual days, and search for food in the database to add to a day. Also, because goals are so important, I implemented a goal feature whereby a user can track on a day-by-day basis how close (or far away) they are from hitting their goal.

System Overview

The system has the following capabilities:

1. Insert Day. The user can insert a new day to track their food for that day.

a. Error Checking. Two days with the same date cannot be created.

b. Quick date entry. The user can use today’s date quickly by simply leaving the input field blank and pressing OK.

c. Chronological Date Entry. When inserting a new day, it will find the right place chronologically to insert the data

2. Clear All. The user can clear all of the data on the spreadsheet.

3. Add food items to a day. The user can add food items to the day. The totals for each nutritional category are calculated and placed in the “Totals Row” of the day.

a. Will validate that the date exists in the spreadsheet already.

b. If date does not exist will exit the procedure.

c. Search feature allows for user to enter all or part of the food description. Once the food is found the form auto-populates with information from the database.

d. See subroutine in the insertFoodForm named “save_Click()” for code detail

e. Updates Remaining row to help user see how close to their daily goals they are.

4. Add food to database. The user can add a new food to the food database found on the “Food Database” worksheet of the workbook.

a. Finds the next empty row in the database and inputs the information

5. Enter goals. The user can enter daily goals and then track their progress towards meeting those goals on a day by day basis.

a. The purpose of the goals button is to help the user track their daily progress towards reaching their nutrition goals.

b. After a food is added, the total of all the foods is added up for that day and subtracted from the values in the “Goals” tab.

Here's the links to my project files:

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