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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Potential Customer Tracking Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet I created is for my work. A crucial part of the success of the company depends on keeping track of customers and potential customers due date for their required service. In the past each city where the company was doing business had its own spreadsheet where all the information was kept. The process of retrieving and entering in information was inefficient. Each time someone wanted to enter information they had to open up the right city spreadsheet and then go to the last row and tab through the spreadsheet as they entered the data. The same process occurred for retrieving information.

The spreadsheet I created greatly simplified the process. I put all of the information into one worksheet ("customer data"). On the home tab of the workbook there are buttons that allow the user to access different functions of the worksheet. The buttons open up user forms that allow the user to 1) enter customer information, which is posted correctly on the customer data worksheet, 2) find and display customer information from existing records, 3) edit previous record entries, 4) run queries on the data that will generate reports with matching entries and post them to a new workbook, 5) log into quickbooks, 6) format exported reports from quickbooks.

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