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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do-it yourself Quicken - Expense Report Program

Executive Summary – Receipt Summarizer and Expense Report

The purpose of this program is to provide a way to analyze my spending habits over a given month of time. One of the needs that I have is a way to categorize my spending to make my monthly budgeting process more meaningful and give an accurate estimate of my expenses. Prior to having this program, I never really knew how much money I was spending on things like eating-out, entertainment, and groceries. In essence, this program is a homemade version of Quicken and will allow me to track my purchases and evaluate my spending habits.

Here is a brief overview of the program.

The system allows the user to enter receipts on a line item basis and will summarize the entire receipt according to the receipt number, merchant used and receipt total. The system includes a return feature to accommodate any purchases that are returned to the merchant. Additionally, the user is able to create charts. This provides a visual summary of the expenditures by item category (i.e. food, clothing, eating-out, etc). Finally, the program allows the user to access the transactions that have been posted to the user’s bank account (credit card, debit card, checks, etc.) and download those transactions to the worksheet where the user will be able to reconcile the bank account to their own receipt records. Ultimately this will allow the user to evaluate their spending habits and adjust their monthly budget accordingly.

Major Features

  • Enter Receipts
  • Return Items
  • Create Summary Charts
  • Download transaction summaries from a secure bank website.

Project Files

Project Write Up -

Program File -

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