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Monday, December 12, 2011

Centerville Youth Survey Process

VBA Final Project
Oliver Crane

Executive Summary

The city of Centerville has a summer recreation program in which they run approximately twenty classes.  My evaluation team in the MPA program has contracted to evaluate the summer recreation program.  As part of the evaluation my team developed an evaluation rubric based on assessing participants 1) fun, 2) interest, and 3) safety levels. 

As part of this evaluation process I have created this VBA project to automate the data processing.  The spreadsheet has two buttons, 1) refreshes the page, and 2) processes the data.  The spreadsheet accesses the data which has been published by the Google Docs survey.  The spreadsheet then automatically divides all the data into different tabs and consequently displays the data on a summary tab.  The summary tab is easy to use and assess the success of the summer recreation program.  The data processing button allows the user to search the data by year which allows cross year analysis.

The spreadsheet allows a user to understand large amount of survey day through two buttons in excel.  The most difficult thing in creating this was in debugging the loop function for checking the survey questions with counting the responses.  It just took a long time with help from others to figure it out.  Also I made simple syntax mistakes in making sure the reference cells for the counters matched the questions cells that were searched.

This document will hopefully be used by Centerville to better assess their efforts in providing fun, interesting, and safe summer recreation. 

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