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Friday, December 9, 2011

Executive Summary

For my Final Project, I am building an Inventory System for Dream Chocolate Company. Dream chocolate is a chocolate manufacturing company that produces Organic Chocolates. It has various product segments and each product segment has different types of chocolate products. Customers can order products over the phone through the customer service representative. After the order is received it is processed by the Sales Department. This project will assist the Sales department to maintain a Real Time Inventory system and manage Customer Database. Also it will help the company to automate Customer Interaction by automatically sending emails to the customer once the order is processed and the order is shipped. This will increase the Line of Visibility for the customers as they are updated on their order status.

Following is a brief overview of my project:

1. Maintain customer database: Allows the company to add new customers to the customer database and also edit current customer information.

2. Create Purchase Order: The sales department will be able to generate a Purchase Order once the order is received.

3. Real time Inventory management: They will be able to see the current inventory level available to sale and back order report.

4. Customer Interaction: The system will automatically email the customers once the order is received and also when the order is shipped.

5. Update Price: This system will allow updating the current product prices from the company’s website so that the prices are same in the system and the website.

6. Order Status: The sales department will be able to track each Purchase Order’s status.

7. Efficient Picking and Packing Process: This system will allow the sales department to generate picking slip which will include the product description, quantity and exact location of the inventory. This will expedite the picking and packing process.

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