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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taxable Unemployment Wage Calculator

Executive Summary

The company I created this program for is a small accounting firm in Spokane, WA. I did an internship with this company last winter. Among other things, many of the employees participate in filing payroll taxes quarterly for many of their clients. Those involved in the task use exports from QuickBooks that give all of the payroll detail. One of the calculations that QuickBooks doesn’t perform in the payroll process is to calculate the amount of wages that are taxable for unemployment tax purposes.

Previously, the employees at this firm were doing all of the calculations by hand on the excel exports and it would take them anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes per company every quarter. A lot of times, this required a lot of referencing to different sheets within the workbook and a lot of double checking. I created this program to calculate the unemployment tax wages for both federal and state purposes for each individual in a given payroll spreadsheet and to sum the total amount of taxable wages in a new spreadsheet. This will save the employees at this company a considerable amount of time each quarter when they are filing the payroll taxes for their clients.

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