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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updating the Ward Directory and Contacting Members

In Brief

Who: Provo 21st Married Student Ward

What: A program for the bishopric to easily manage the ward directory using tools to view, edit, and contact individual members or entire organizations, and generate useful membership reports.

Why: The bishopric needs a better way to manage the ward directory and contact ward members.

Executive Summary

An area of improvement that has been discussed in leadership meetings in my ward is communication. The ward sponsors an average of six activities a month which require a lot of coordination and communication from leaders to individual ward members or organizations. Previously, ward leaders would look at a PDF document of the ward directory to find an individual’s contact information. Then, they would have to type in each number or email manually into their phone or inbox. Furthermore, making changes to a member’s information in the directory involved contacting the ward membership clerk who would update the church’s directory program (MLS) and the ward directory clerk who would update the PDF document that is distributed to the ward. This program uses the exportable membership excel file from MLS and allows the user to browse the ward directory, contact individual members or organizations via text or email, and generate membership reports such as “Members without a Calling.”

*Note: All personal membership information has been removed and replaced with fake information.

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