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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Program to Generate Past Due Letters from an Age List

Executive Summary

Entities that invoice need an efficient way to follow-up on unpaid invoices. The entity that I had in mind when I was creating this program was the university regulatory accounting office. This office invoices various sponsors for research related expenses and tracks the receipt of the corresponding payments. This organization in the past has had difficulty collecting on the invoices in a timely manner. This program was designed to speed up the process of generating letters that urge clients to pay their invoices.

This program starts by bringing in all of the necessary information to generate these letters. This includes an age list and a list of addresses for the invoices that have been sent. The program also brings in other information so that the recipient of the letter can contact the proper administrator in charge of their account. The user will have the option to generate the letters using a user form that has been populated with inputs from the excel spreadsheets. Each of these inputs into the letter may be edited. The program repeats the process for each past-due invoice in the age list, but still allows the user to be in control of the letter creation process.

Occasionally, one invoice needs to be sent to multiple locations. The program has the ability to check the address list after an invoice has been generated, to see if a copy of the letter needs to go to an additional location. If no additional address could be found, a message box appears asking if they want to send the letter to another location by typing in a new address into the user form.

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