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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial ratios are commonly used to analyze any given company’s financial strength and ability to continue as a viable company. Financial analysis benefits many different groups, such as management, company employees, investors, banking institutions, internal audit, and external audit. Since there are hundreds of ratios used in financial analysis, it is often difficult to remember all of the different formulas. Even if one does have all of the necessary formulas memorized, it can be time consuming to calculate all of the different ratios manually.

This project is an Excel Add-in built to simplify the financial statement analysis process through a series of user forms. The first user form allows the user to choose from 28 of the most common financial statement ratios. Based on which ratios the user selected, the second form displays the inputs required to calculate the selected ratios. This form also allows the user to attempt to auto-fill the inputs based on any financial statements in the active worksheet. After validating the data inputs to ensure accuracy and checking the reasonableness of ratios calculated, the user then decides where in the active workbook to place the data output.

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