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Friday, December 9, 2011

merge duplicate accounts


Description of the Business

BYU Continuing Education offers a variety of conferences and workshops ranging from youth summer programs to organ classes. Workshops and conferences are typically held on BYU campus and can be completed for either college credit or for personal enrichment.


Any customer who has participated in a conference or workshop has a CE account with their personal information and an individualized account number. At times, two accounts will have very similar personal information; these are potentially clone accounts with that need to be merged into one account. This is a repetitive and tedious process. If either of the two accounts have a job title, then the merger cannot be completed. It is very frustrating when you click through three different pages and wait for all merge possibilities to load only to find out that it is impossible to complete the merge


The system I build solves this problem by finding which potential merges have job titles and lists these merges on an excel sheet.

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